Active Learning

We strive to make your child’s transition to our school to be as smooth and rewarding as possible so we work hard to create a firm partnership between home and school. This transition can be made easier by talking positively about the school to them and walking past the school at several times so that your child can see the building as a familiar place.

The curriculum for the Nursery and Prep students is grounded in active learning. The students are exposed to practical activities and games which helps them develop a solid foundation of the basic concepts which they will need for learning later in life.

The curriculum for Std. I to IV aims at developing students’s personal, social and emotional well-being. It promotes positive attitude towards learning, provides opportunities to develop social skills as well as developing language and communication skills. It develops reading and writing skills, mathematical abilities, knowledge of basic science and physical and creative potential of the students.

The curriculum for Std. V to VIII aims at strengthening linguistic and literary skills, Mathematical abilities and understanding of Science. These subjects are given the greatest weightage in the curriculum and it is compulsory for a student to pass in these subject.

At Vishwakarma Empros International School we provide students opportunities to express themselves through drawing, painting, collage and model making. They learn and sing new songs and rhymes, participate in cultural activities and learn the nuances of speech and drama. These activities instill a sense of confidence in students in their own abilities at an early stage.

The Curriculum

The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum.

The Second Language

Hindi as a second language is taught from Std. I to Std. X.

The Third Language

Marathi is taught as mandatory third language up to Std. V, after which the child may continue with Marathi or take Sanskrit.