About Vishwakarma Group

In 1983 Vishwakarma Group started by offering engineering courses and then opened separate colleges and schools for Information Technology, Management, the Marine Industry, Creativity & Design, International Schooling, Arts, Science and Commerce, Press and Publications, Foundry Works and Business Consulting for SMEs & startups.

In 2017 Vishwakarma Group added another educational entity - Vishwakarma University (VU) under its aegis. The University offering an extensive mix of courses is a State - Private University under the Government of Maharashtra. It offers an eclectic mix of traditional and modern courses like interdisciplinary studies, liberal arts etc. The university strongly believes in ‘learning by doing’ theory hence the curriculum across all disciplines is a healthy mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The Group operates in areas that are the building blocks that drive economic growth and enjoy a leadership position in all endeavors. The Group's leadership style is to empower the individual institutions so that they enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence whilst leveraging the Group synergies. As they move with the new and vibrant energy of Modern India, they embrace new ways of thinking with optimism for a better world tomorrow.

As one of Western India’s finest educational institutions, the Group caters to diverse economic strata and the diversity continues in the courses / domains being offered as part of the services.

The Group's mission of influencing practice and promoting value based growth is derived by imparting high quality services at the educational institutions and other business enterprises through continuous innovation and through pioneering programmes. It is, therefore, a partner of choice for international institutions as well as corporates.